Fancy a Walk? (Picture Heavy)

So today we sailed off to the beach – one of many little islands dotted around the Scottish coast. It was a bleak day, mostly…muggy and grey. I only took my phone camera with me to snap a few shots, so here they are…


This was the view from the ferry – see how grey blue it all is? But interesting things happen on the water…


A Submarine!

Fishing Boat

A rusty old fishing boat


A yacht. (Not mine, sadly!)

Empty Beach

I found some jellyfish….GIANT jellyfish on the empty beach as the tide was going out…


My walking boot for scale


These things were like something from a horror movie!

clear water

Look how clear the water is though!

B&W Standing Stones

We found some ancient standing stones – I took this in black and white to highlight the “faces” I see there. I see faces in most things!

Escaped Cow

I tried to rescue an escaped cow that couldn’t get back in her field…..she ran away from me and her friends gathered around moo-ing defensively. I left them to it. Scary things, cows are – especially in a gang!


On the way back on the ferry, I just had to take a photo of this adorable lighthouse!


As we waited for the train, I saw this……now someone did make a face with this….didn’t they? They did. So funny!



7 thoughts on “Fancy a Walk? (Picture Heavy)

  1. Many moons ago we tavelled across Mull and stayed on Iona. We got a shock when we woke up to find cows in the garden and walking along the shore! We too were steuck by how clear and blue the water was, but we didn’t see any jellyfish, great photos, I’ve never seen one before.

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    1. Oh my gosh – was it Fidden Farm you stayed at? We went there a couple of years ago, and there were cows all over the place on the beach! Never seen anything like it! Did you like Iona – I loved it, and found it very atmospheric. Also, my first time seeing a jellyfish too – I don’t know if they are supposed to be that big……! 🙂

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      1. We stayed in a little bungalow owned by the shopkeeper. Yes, we loved it, had two weeks there with some friends during student vac. Had all kinds of weather, ferry crossing was a bit scary in a storm!

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    1. I did, yes! One day trip – it was a lucky day for seeing things though. And those jelly fish scared the life out of me…I kept prodding one gently with a stick, fully expecting it to leap on me or something, but sadly I think both had passed on.


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