Last of the paint pouring

I think I’m pretty much done with paint pouring now. I like the effects I’m getting, but I refuse to move forward with the various mediums and stuff people use. I like to keep it simple – and mixing silicone with Floetrol, etc, just doesn’t appeal to me. Anyway, here are a couple I made using plain old poster paints. They look amazing when wet, but dry matt and muddy, so thats no good.


Looks like oil or watercolour, huh?


If only they stayed like that I would be a happy bunny! Ah well….oh and I did this too – ย a paint poured vinyl record.

painted record

The colours are more vibrant than on screen, and this is acrylic paint with water.

So I think I’ll go clean up now and move on to something else.


7 thoughts on “Last of the paint pouring

      1. Ahh, see now this is interesting. I really should include more information for things like this. It doesn’t occur to me that these incidental details would be of any interest to anyone, haha! Thanks for the “Audience Awareness” lesson! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. On a vinyl record eh, does the paint affect the sound quality very much?…
    Sorry, a weak gag…
    You have possibly ruined a perfectly good jazz record – I do approve!…
    Anyway, I do love your runny paint Scribbler.

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