Tea and typing don’t mix!

I spilled tea on my beloved laptop last night, so I’m writing this on my phone. Plain clumsiness on my part, but I didn’t panic (much!) and quickly turned the laptop upside down. Apparently it has to dry for 96 hours before trying to put it back on. Doubt I can wait that long but I might try tonight. Never drink and type, is the moral of this story, people. Tea and typing don’t mix

4 thoughts on “Tea and typing don’t mix!

  1. can it go (upside down) in a pan of rice to help out?
    “they” say to do that with phones.
    Maybe you’d end up with rice in the keyboard. Annoying.

    Don’t drink and type – to me, that usually refers to wine (and I have a glass nearby, so I’m being very careful).

    Good luck! Hope it works out.


  2. Uh-oh we all do it. My husband’s new phone recently went through a full wash cycle. It’s incredibly clean. But two months on and still no life. Good luck!


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