I’m Baaaaaaaack!!! (Laptop update 3)

Whoot! So I’m sitting here with a laptop. Not my original one, this is a Windows one……which to be honest, I prefer. Everything works on it, and doesn’t need to be constantly updated (at a price) and basically is very straightforward (if a little weird to get used to)

So I’m such a happy bunny that I came straight here to say hi, after only having this for about an hour and two cups of coffee (both were drunk well away from the machine, lemme tell ya!)

And the other one which I covered in tea, has now been consigned to someone’s bin down in England, sadly. It was nice while it lasted…….

Can I just say thank goodness for insurance! I have never been a fan of it, and felt it was just scare mongering, but being the ‘grown up’ I am, paid it dutifully each month, because you never know…….! And the company I’m with were very helpful in guiding me through the process (even though it was me who had to keep phoning for updates, not them phoning me *ahem*) but hey, whatever, I’m here and its all good.

Its lovely to see you. 😀

14 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaaack!!! (Laptop update 3)

  1. Hello C.. so you learned the hard way that liquids into laptops is almost always fatal.. .so Be Careful !
    I once spilled only 2 drops of water into a corner of the keyboard and it went wonky..Typing a ‘z, ‘s’, or ‘a’ would produce something like 6#bx$3 !
    It eventually dried out and was normal for a while, then some keys on the other end quit working.
    At my repair shop my guy told me even though it may seem to return to normal, the liquid deep down inside begins to corrode things and at some random future date will bring sudden death to the whole machine… When my guy opened it up to replace the keyboard the corrosion was there. The End of that one, all from 2 drops of water

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    1. Hi! Its so good to hear from you! 🙂 Yes I would say that this has been the hardest (and most expensive!) lesson of the YEAR. I was told about the corrosion as well – but poor you to suffer that much damage after only TWO drops of water! The insurance people want £35 to return my hard drive, with no assurance that it will be ok (what??) I was all “err, nope…destroy it. No point in having a goosed HD when I don’t even have a compatible laptop” Safe to say that now I drink far far away from anything remotely destroyable, haha! 🙂

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      1. I also lost another one to instant death when my Bad Cat Buster spilled a whole cup of caramel latte coffee into the keyboard hahah..
        Now I get my replacements off eBay, used, for around 1/4 to 1/3 the price of new. . also because I require Windows 7 which can only be had used, everything new is that horrible Windows 10 only.

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      2. Omg! I didn’t want to “like” this at all, but….what the heck?! bad Buster, haha! y’know, its interesting you mention Ebay, because I didn’t even think to look there. My laptop is refurbished so it was a lot cheaper than new, which is good, but Ebay is good to note for the future, thanks! Also….what do you like about Windows 7 more than 10? I’m on 10, because it came installed, so I have no clue about these things……


      3. I could go on & on but briefly after using Win 7 for a few years,m then trying Win 10 on a 2nd laptip–I was about ready to take a hammer to it.
        Almost everything was changed and allegedly ‘improved”.. but great programs that came w/ Win7 were now gone, with arbitrary replacements forced on users, or worse yet, paid programs/’apps’ necessary to do what was simple & free before. .
        Even though my machine had a CD/DVD/optical drive, Win 10 said I had to pay for a program to play my DVDs ! NO! Also a lot of everyday things previously at hand are hidden in Windows 10, like it’s a darn secret or something.. It was annoying to have to learn all new ways when the old way was just fine….
        It says something about Win 10 when Microsoft had it offered.. or rather heavily pushed, for free for a year before charging for it…. still so many users of Win 7 wouldn’t take it, even for free

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      4. Hmm, that’s interesting. I have a Windows Store (which never seems to work anyway) where I found paid versions of programs that I thought were free (Microsoft Office, for example. Also Windows Movie Maker is gone) I have just been getting the Open Source versions – which to be honest, I’m pleased with as I couldn’t get them with Apple. I also like the fact that my old iPhone works on this, whereas it didn’t before unless I paid for constant upgrades. I haven’t had time to try the music thing yet – but if I have to pay for it, that’s going to be a nope too! I’m going to have a look and see if its possible to downgrade to 7, hehehe 😀

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    1. Oh thank you! yes its a lot of fun to make your own fabric like this. A bit messy when peeling off the tissue paper, but the colours are lovely. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t used it for anything yet though! 😀 Must get onto that, otherwise I will end up chucking it out. 😦


  2. If you want a downgrade I’d suggest checking with computer professionals about it, if Win7 was previously installed on your laptop, because I recall some discussions online about MS making it difficult or even impossible, just because they can.

    In fact during the year when they were heavily pushing users to abandon Win 7 for 10, MS was being aggressively sneaky about trying to trick & mislead unsuspecting Win 7 users into Win 10.. .Some people suddenly discovered that one day their Win7 laptop was now Win10, involuntarily.!. I knew MS was doing that and had to be really vigilant against it

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    1. Hmm, ok….thanks. I’ll leave it for now then, because I would hate to pay for a downgrade, then suddenly find I’m forcibly “upgraded” again at a later date! I might just see if I could get a Win 7 one from Ebay for Christmas or something. (Gosh I sound like I’m geeking out over technology right now, haha!)


  3. Not to beat this topic to death. . but for clarification if you were able to downgrade your machine to Windows 7, or even get a different one w/ Win 7, Microsoft wouldn’t be secretly changing the OS to Win 10 now. .
    They were doing that to some people when 10 was still free, but as of July 2016 it’s no longer free. The interweb says they now charge around $120, approx £92.

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