Well it seems that I have been very remiss in my posting here, despite the fact that I got a new laptop! Lemme explain….

I tried to make a video for YouTube, because I thought that chatting on screen would make me oh-so confident (because really I am incredibly shy and introverted), so I made it, and made a thumbnail like this, which I thought was terribly clever!

YT Thumbnail Papercraft

Then I thought it was really cheesy and horrible and nobody would watch someone playing with scrap paper, and so I deleted it. Even that gleeful look on my face makes me cringe, haha!

So! Having decided that I wasn’t going to be a YouTube star after all, I cleared up all my arty crafty stuff and fixed up my room for making a study of sorts (being a student in August an’ all), then I got all dismayed at not being able to do arty stuff, retrieved all my  materials, and proceeded to organise them into boxes *properly*.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Organising and sorting. I’m thinking I can actually combine the crafting stuff with student life, because I can make stationery, folders, planners, and notebooks! So its a win win all round! Go me and my cheesy grin! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Oh…..

    1. Aww thank you! After I wrote this, I did wonder about trying again with videos, but doing a “back to school/crafting” type theme. They are fun to do, and the community seems as nice as it is on here, which is encouraging. lets do this! 😀

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  1. Doh! I think we’ve all been there dear Scribbler.
    Good old Uncle Dave’s advice is to dive around in YouTube and look at some really bad videos for an hour or so, then redo yours and immediately post it willynilly – secure in the knowledge that it will be far better than all those you have just seen.
    Once it is up, leave it and don’t look at it for a while – eventually do have a look to see if anyone likes it – and then, with a bit of newly gained calm and perspective on it, you can leave it there, or delete it, and then of course, do another!…
    But then, what do I know of such things?…

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  2. In my head, I had replied to this but now I see that actually didn’t happen in real life 😆 Love the photo, it’s good to see you at last😊 I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your YouTube experience, but I imagine it’s much like any other social media, you more inventive and more confident the more you do it and the more you look at other people’s – but I could never do it! I admire your pluck and gumption, you were very brave and I’m sure you could do it again 👊🏻 When do you start college?

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m having another go, because I really want to be brave and just get it done 🙂 I start college in the middle of August, and am refreshing my touch typing skills, because apparently you have to have a typing speed of over 100 words a minute. Which kind of made me go “yikes!!” at my two finger dabbing, haha!

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      1. Pfft! I know! I can type quite speedily, but its just not in the way *they* prefer it. For example, I did a little test last night, and with my own method of typing, I can manage 73 words a minute. With the official touch typing, I’m at an impressive 13 wpm, haha!

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      2. I’m a sufficient typer at 60 WPM. My mother was a superlative secretary at 80 WPM. Are they out of their minds? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

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