Happy Thursday!

Its not a special day is a Thursday, is it? I mean its too far away to look forward to the weekend, and it could still technically be “mid-week”, which is a bit tedious, so I’m wishing all who arrive here a Happy Thursday. 😀

So, what’s been going on…..well I made some art (always good, right?)

collage stickers

I’m not sure what to do with them now…..do they become stickers? or do I make a collage? I have no sticker paper so I thought of doing something nifty with double sided tape so that they could be applied only when required. Hmmm….but then a collage would be nice too. With added elements of course – these are just random with no connection.

Also, the last of my ink photos:


Now if such a thing exists as a circular picture frame, I would be very interested! I did look online, but everything is square – or a circle within a square. I would like a circle, with circle glass. Keeping on looking because I would love to frame this one! Its like a little tree world.

And finally….we went for a walk on a cold bleak day. It was raining and cold – typical Scottish weather…

bleak walk day

But we saw this

lucky memorial

Which seems to be a memorial to someone’s pet. I thought that was quite sweet. Especially the knitted flower toy lying on top….aww!

A bit of a hodge podge post today, but I’m determined to keep up with blogging, so it may be some quick little updates until I get settled into a schedule. 🙂






8 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. Well, it kept you out of mischief for a while even of you don’t know why you made them 😄 The girl looks a bit out of sorts though, I think you’d better find her a companion or something to do pdq, she looks like she’s going to start stamping her feet very soon 😠
    I had a hard time finding a mirror with a round wooden (as opposed to plastic) frame last year, but eventually found one in IKEA. Good luck with your quest.

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    1. Thanks! Yes….the way she and the orange creature are looking at each other is making me a little uncomfortable – I think they fell out and now maybe are trying to make up? A friend for them both would be nice. IKEA! Than YOU! Never thought of trying there! 🙂

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  2. Can’t wait to visit Scotland 🙂 how did you do that ink drop? I’m currently loving everything purple and light play and the photo just hit my taste buds!! I have found circular frames in arts&crafts shops and IKEA. You can also get a circular canvas and use acetate sheet or a very thin acrylic to cover the picture. I really enjoy the idea of using plaster to make frames… so, that’s a diy project, if you want it.

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    1. Oooh! I’m interested in the plaster frames idea…..how is that done? I’m using clocks at the moment. I take out the inside clock bit and paint the sides. Put art in. The ink drop is just a bowl of water with maybe a tiny squeeze of dish detergent to make the water thicker. Then diluted acrylic paint in a dropper, and away you go. or actual ink if you prefer. The purple was an accident really, because I was using blue then red and it swirled up together. So I thought I would plop some black in there since it would show up better and I was too lazy to keep running to the kitchen to clean out the bowl, haha! Come to Scotland, we love creative people 🙂

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      1. I’m going to do it today! The plaster frame is quite simple, you can buy it and mix it with water until you get a thick paste. You will need a mold or carve a mold in plasticine 🙂 you can also use clay for either carving or for the frame.

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      2. Plasticine! what a great idea for a mold…..nothing sticks to it. That’s another thing I’m trying, haha. I hope you do try the ink drops when you have a chance. Its so much fun and unexpected 🙂

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