Hmmmm….Scrapbook papers

So I was in the poundshop looking at their range of pretty papers when my phone rang. Normally I would never answer it, (nothing interrupts my stationery shopping!) but on this occasion I did answer it – and lo and behold, after the conversation I found myself leaving the checkout, having bought 4 pads of scrapbooking paper! (This is why nothing should be interrupting my stationery shopping!)

pretty papers

Now I am not a scrapbooker. I don’t do cards, or layouts, and don’t have the fancy punches etc required. If I ever need pretty paper for something, I tend to paint my own since its not something I use very often at all. So I’m sitting here wondering what to use them for (btw, is it normally as stiff as cardboard? I tried to make paper beads but its really not that flexible)

I looked at my little characters I was painting and wondered if I could use the paper for that… I tried this:

girl suprisewhere I drew items of clothing on the paper and cut them out. Kindof like a paper doll idea. The face, hair, legs, and hands (badly drawn hands, heh!) are just paint and coloured pencil. To pull it all together I scribbled round it with black ink pen. Its alright, but….y’know…..its not really my style.

I tried another one

sleepyheadAgain, wonky perspective with the PJ’s, but hey…its been a while since I played, haha!

So given that the paper is so stiff, I wondered if anyone out there had any ideas on what to use this stuff for?

P.S. My phone is being left at home on the next stationery mission!

6 thoughts on “Hmmmm….Scrapbook papers

  1. Pennant banner, paper pinwheels, wind mobiles, backings for your drawings – either facing the reversal, or framing the drawing, paper shapes for earrings or pendant or brooch? It’s too bad it’s too stiff for beads. Make envelopes? Try Pinterest for ideas. I don’t normally work with scrapbook paper, but I might start after looking at some ideas.

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    1. Thank you! Oh Pinterest is somewhere I get lost in for days, haha! I also like your idea of using it to back little paintings or drawings…..almost like an ATC card idea. It really is quite sturdy paper, so a mini envelope is something I could also try. 🙂


  2. You may not be happy with the resilts, but you had fun playong around with it and that’s what matters. It took you away from any stresses life is currently throwing your way and gave us a post to read. You learned a lot from the experience and we learned with you. I didn’t know there was such a thing as scrap-booking paper, what do people use it for? I like the girl. Maybe you could illustrate a story about her? She looks happier today than earlier 😊

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    1. If I knew how to heart this comment then I would! Thanks, yes….always something to learn. I have managed to go off on an enthusiastic tangent (as per usual!) because I thought they would make lovely fabric….and they do! I’m working on a post as we speak 😀


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