Well, that was a bit rubbish…..

Ok, so…hello.

This time last year I posted a “Happy New Decade” cheery post, full of the joys of the coming year, blah, blah.


Won’t be doing THAT again.

Hope you have all survived this past year. And that’s not a blase hope -you -are -well -kind of throwaway comment – I really do hope you have all got through this relatively unscathed.

For me, well….. I guess I’m here dusting off the cobwebs of this blog to start again with blogging after disappearing off the face of the earth. Taking each day as it comes really. I do have some tentative goals to begin with, but if this year has taught me anything at all, its definitely go with the flow, because the flow can change at a moments notice!

So yes, 2021…..lets see what that brings eh?

*raises glass*


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