About me (With Updates)

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog. πŸ™‚ I’m a cheery wee woman from Scotland UK, who likes to play with rubbish……oh wait that didn’t sound very nice did it? Lets start again….

I love to create things with stuff people don’t want or need anymore. Whether you call it recycling, up-cycling, reusing, re-purposing, I save it from landfill and make something pretty. At next to no cost, either! I draw, paint, play with glue, fabric, cardboard….oooh all sorts of things. I find stuff lying around the house, things that shops are happy to toss out. (think wallpaper sample books, huge cardboard boxes – that sort of idea). One time I hauled a trolley load of fabric samples back home, because they were destined for landfill. (I did ask first!)Β  The things I make are decorative as well as useful. I think being able to actually use an item is lovely – especially when you made it yourself, but decorative things like recycled jewelry (for example) just add a little bit of prettiness to your day.

I also enjoy photography, painting and drawing, writing bad poetry, and generally messing around with colour.

Play is a good thing πŸ™‚

Here is a sneak peek of some things I have made….

coptic stitch bookΒ Β Β  necklace1Β Β  string12

FairyFlowersInkblotΒ  beenoticed1


(Updated Feb 2017) –Β Well, after a year and a bit of blogging, I have swung from trash-to-treasure, to more art related posts. These have included photography, painting and watercolour. I have to say though, that I am keeping to the trashy theme….good lord there I go again…ok how to rephrase this…erm, I’m still recycling in terms of using found papers to paint on (like wallpaper sample books), budget paints, and also refusing to be sucked into the whole “Buy Me” Brand Names, because I honestly feel that good art can be made with very little in the way of expensive tools. Even photography can be done with a little point and shoot phone camera. This year in 2017 I plan to begin using Youtube as another format for connecting with people, and although I enjoy using Instagram, I feel that blogging will be something to concentrate and expand on. I’m also on TwitterΒ and FacebookΒ but I’m struggling to find time to use them to their full capacity, to be honest, and they simply repeat what I blog here. However, feel free to follow me there if you prefer those formats – I’m always happy to have new friends! πŸ™‚

(Update August 2017) –Β As I look through this blog I see a change towards more photography and life stuff, and less about crafting. So I thought I would freshen the theme to something more…..relevant for my life right now. I am also starting college this month – which as a “mature student” is interesting, and something I will be writing about more on this blog. So….even though I am still being creative, the focus has changed a little. I love how this is becoming more of a record on life now that some time has passed. I do hope you continue to follow along and enjoy this new direction with me! πŸ™‚

(February 2018) –Β Well, college sucked me right off the face of the internet for about 6 months, while I dealt with studies and family issues. However, normal service has been resumed, even with college still being a huge part of my life, and blogging life continues. My thanks to all who have welcomed me back, and a big hello to new followers who – despite the silence – found my little cyber nest interesting enough to tag along with πŸ™‚











42 thoughts on “About me (With Updates)

    1. Thank you! Being creative helps me relax and be happy instead of stressed. I like to use things that anyone has around the house, and also is free! That way, others can maybe have fun making pretty stuff as well! πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi,
    I know Megha Agrawal. You said you wanted to start filming some things. YouTube is huge right now. Great idea!
    I met you in the Community Pool. I am glad you liked my article.
    In response to your response about my blogging schedule, the answer is I wish it was a profitable business. That was my goal from the start. I am in my 2nd year blogging. Year one was about getting subscribers. This year is about trying to make an income. Extremely slow going, but I am trying, so it is worth my trying to multitask like my article explained.
    Next year, who knows where I will be?
    If you are interested in “Shaking up your game,” as you say, I’d love to encourage you to subscribe. I have many productivity posts on my site and I am planning more.

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    1. Hi, I realised after I posted my previous reply to you that I hadn’t actually commended you on your actual blogging schedule! Networking and reblogging others is a good tip, thanks! With regards to YouTube, yes its something I’m considering, but the “creative how-to” is pretty saturated and I’m struggling to find a niche. Also I wanted to say how surprised I am that you have only been at this for a couple of years – your dedication speaks for itself as I thought you had been at it for years, ha! I will subscribe to your posts, because I could definately learn from you! Thanks so much for getting in touch! πŸ™‚

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      1. Hi, I would love to have you subscribe and continue my connection with you. I am excited about the connection we made tonight. (I am in California, still Tuesday night here.) I will look forward to getting the notification.

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      2. Ha! Well, I am in the UK and when I replied to you first, it was 05.30, Wednesday morning…..I’m trying hard at being dedicated, I really am πŸ˜€ Heading to your blog now. Have a great evening!

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  2. I remember seeing your blog way back in Blogging 101, but somehow you slipped by without my following you. Not a second time!
    Your habit of creating from discarded items is fantastic and inspiring. You show such a wide variety of media and results; I know I’ll find inspiration from you. I look forward to cruising around your blog and to seeing what you get up to next!

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  3. According to me,music:ears::art:soul 🎨
    It’s glad to meet people who can create things outta anything given to them. Your creations are spectacular, a visual treat with an useful purpose to it!
    You’ve also got an amazing blog here! Lucky to have stumbled by!πŸ˜„

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  4. Hello you wee woman from Scotland….. I’m doing the WordPress Bootcamp thingie about Comments and you are helping me! I’m looking for new blogs to comment on and I found you in the Commons. I get put off by blogs if I cannot find their About page, or where to comment. You passed on both counts, so gold star for your lovely blog! I’m also pleased to meet someone from the UK, I’ve nothing against blogs from other parts of the universe, it’s nice to meet people from elsewhere, but some people don’t understand my sarcasm or my silly humour! Also I like the sound of you making little craft projects….. So hello from me.

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    1. Well hello GeorgieMoon! Thank you for the gold star – I shall treasure it πŸ˜€ I agree with you about some blogs lack of navigation, so I try and keep things simple and straightforward. Delighted that a fellow UK’er enjoys a bit of sarcasm, I do too, but as you say, its difficult to *get* if you aren’t familiar with the British sense of humour. πŸ˜€


  5. Yes, play is good. Talent is terrific. Rubbish is a UK word. Teach us Americans more please.

    In my opinion, listening to a Scot talk is like listening to a song being sung.

    Wondering…do you also hum???

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    1. I hum, but I cannot sing a note πŸ˜€ I don’t talk like Wullie from the Simpsons though……haha! I’m a bit more polite than that. Rubbish is what we call trash or junk. It can also be used to describe things like TV programmes or books, etc.

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  6. Can you do me a fabour? I’ve rejigged my Home page, would you take a look and see what you think, my hb prefers the other (red jumper) photo and with photo at top rather than the side. Any comments about any of it? Thank you. πŸ’•

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    1. Hi, well I rather like the way you have tweaked it. Its nice the way the words flow around your picture. (Not that there was anything wrong per se with before – its just more “together” the way it is now, if that makes sense) Having a picture then scrolling down to see the words is alright, but this looks better on a mobile, tbh. πŸ™‚

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