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Life is like a Pigeon…


pigeons ahoy

I  took this shot in the High Street, as a flock of pigeons rose and swarmed like locusts swooping on a field of….what do locusts eat….grain? A field of grain.

So! Why is life like pigeons….well, we have the Lurgy again. Apparently its the 100 day Cold, according to the doctor. Hubby is on antibiotics, while I’m just sniffy. I tried to continue with doll production, but its not really happening. I got as far as this….

stick egg doll

…….then got bored. I’m all out of patience right now. Bleugh. I want to paint, but the Room of Doom is all Doomlike again, which makes me fed up. I need more space (hahaha! Nope.) I need to chuck out some stuff. Purge time. The idea doesn’t excite me, but needs must. I have to start the week productively and no sniffles are going to stop me!

Hope you are all well here in Blogland.

Lurgy struck


Hi, Hi…..I’m still here. I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy – well hubby got it first, then it was my turn. So I haven’t been online much at all. but we are feeling better, and…..yes, ready to get back at it creatively speaking. Thats the thing about this time of year – especially in Scotland with the weather switching randomly from day to day (even hour to hour in some cases – this morning for example, I left the house and wandered to town bathed in sunshine, listening to all the little birds and it was all very springlike and tra-la-la…..then on arriving at the first shop, the heavens opened and I was soaked. Lovely stuff. Not.

So I haven’t done very much creating at all, but I’m cranking up the muse to get something going as we head into late afternoon.

Hope you are all very well and happy. I missed you all.

I don’t even have a picture to head up this post…tut tut, very disappointing.

Walk, Stroll, Ramble, March…..



So, just a quick post of one of my *other* resolutions for this year, which is to walk a minimum of 1,000 miles. Over the year this means a daily minimum of 2.79 miles. Yesterday I did 5 miles, and today I have already done 4.5 (before dinner time.)

This is quite a big deal because although I love being outside, I get tired really easily due to thyroid medication I’m on. (Had the big C a few years ago, and they whipped out my thyroid , replacing it with meds. I’m fine now, 4 years and counting, yayy!) So this year I’m determined to be consistent with walking several miles a day and surpassing the self challenged 1,000 miles.

(There might also be the bonus of beating hubby, who manages to scuttle over hill and dale with ease and still wants to go further after a cuppa!)

Happy new year!!



Hello my fellow Scribblers! Welcome to 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays, and are enjoying the last vestiges of the celebrations. We went for a walk with the dog on this lovely sunny day – building up an appetite for dinner, oh yes.

I had a birthday in the past week, and we went to the beach! I wouldn’t have thought of that as a fun day, winter on the beach, but it was a really good day after all, ha!

SO! Have you made resolutions? I have, oh yes. Making ALL the things! My Doom Room is almost ready (I have to say that it has shrunk from an entire room, to a couple of desks and  the rest-of-the-room.) This year is going to be full of projects, recycling ideas, and very healthy frugal living. Some travel tales will be included as we have plans to visit a few places. All very exciting. (Well to me, anyway)

I love that I will be sharing all this with you, and I am SO looking forward to it! 🙂

Cheery-Bye for now!



Just a little catch up


*Rushes in with mince pies and mulled wine*

Hello, hello! I know I haven’t been around lately and I do apologise, but so much has been going on here….

Obviously Christmas preparations have been happening – we aren’t going anywhere over the festive season, just having a quiet one, but still…so much to do!

Also some serious family issues have arisen – not “bad” serious, but just stuff that needs to be dealt with. And one bit has, thank goodness. Go me and my assertive self!

But best of all…..I am painting and decorating the Room 0f Doom into something worthy of Pinterest (I hope!). I had a huge purge of stuff, and am painting the walls, and organising proper storage. The plan for the New Year is to do an art room tour (video) and work with doing regular videos covering various projects that I will show a step by step progress, so that you can do it too. I’m quite ok with sharing ideas – I’m not precious about techniques or hiding steps in case people copy it. Art changes and evolves everywhere, so if someone wants to try something, I believe in going for it. And believe me, I have a book load of projects to share 😀

So I don’t know if I’ll be posting before Christmas (which is only next week, but still) – I’m working on some tiny art just now, in a journal – and most is pretty personal involving other people so I can’t really show anything. However, come the New Year when everything settles down, I do want to be more open and sharing about expressing difficult issues in a creative way. I see quite a lot of it around the internet, but because I’m an introvert I kind of feel quite guarded about sensitive issues, but I see so many positive connections arise from sharing such things, it will be a nice challenge to grow with that.

Gosh so many plans….its lovely to have something to look forward to. Anyway, I just thought I would pop in and say hello. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time (if you celebrate it – if not then I hope you have a lovely relaxing time with family and friends).

See you very soon xx

Hello and update


I’m still here…..I just haven’t been able to post anything, due to…..well let me start at the beginning.

Son returned from his worldly travels. He got himself a place to stay but didn’t like it, so came to stay here, with us. This was all rather sudden and unexpected, so basically I had to turn daughters room into his room, because his room is the Room of Doom (aka my workspace/studio/haven of peace and quiet) So changing daughters room involved laying a brand new floor,(which I did ALL by myself) and refurnishing the place. Plus turfing the remainder of her stuff into the Room of Doom. And its a LOT of stuff.

I can’t see the floor. Of my  doomroom, I mean.

Which means I can’t get creative.

Which means I’m getting a little cranky.

However, I have managed to squeeze in a little bit of space to paint some large carpet tubes. These are made of cardboard (which I hacked into pieces with a kitchen breadknife, because I can’t locate my hacksaw just now…..)

So I will hopefully have something to show tomorrow – I have an art crush on the colourful  folk art of Mexico Google image link so I’m thinking if I painted the tubes like this, and squeezed them into my rescued wire wine rack (Google Image), I could have a place for storing brushes and pencils etc instead of using pencil cases.

So big hugs to you all – and hello to new followers. I promise I’ll be back with some colourful show and tells! 🙂

In Which We Walk To and Fro (Collage)



I enjoyed making this one – it reminded me of my ridiculous sense of direction. As in I have none. I’m one of those people who cringe if people ask me where a place is, I usually wave vaguely in the general direction of it. (To be fair, the people who ask are normally in cars, and I walk everywhere, so I know of shortcuts, but not roads). Also – now this is bizarre, I admit….but whenever I leave a shop to go into the street, I always turn right. No matter if my destination is the opposite way. Then I just stop and turn around or cross the road if need be, but I always turn right. Even if disembarking a bus or a train, I turn right – I’m going to smack into a wall at this rate, I swear!


I know your face…




Have you ever had someone say that to you – usually accompanied with a quizzical look as they try to place where they have seen you before. Or maybe you saw someone vaguely familiar and are trying to remember their name (before you embarrass yourself by calling them Bob. Or John)

This test wonders if you can spot a familiar face – namely criminals!. Greenwich University is looking for “super recognisers”  together with Metropolitan Police, who need more people who can recognise criminals from CCTV or blurry photographs, and the test is the first step towards a promising career in spotting faces.

I, sadly, am not not one of them. A spotter, that is – not a criminal, ha!

Hubby and I tried and scored 8 out of the 14 available mug shots. Of course, I would have done much better if he hadn’t kept saying “no, no, not that one, its him…click it, click it!”. What happens  on the test is you spend a few seconds studying the face, then try to spot it in a group of other faces. Its actually really really hard…..

How do you recognise someone?

Is it that they wear glasses? Their hair? The fact they have a large nose? I mean, most distinguishing features can be altered, removed, added (perhaps not the large nose)….even wearing a hat can totally change someone beyond recognition. Hmm, food for thought. I once wore something in the summer, and nobody recognised me. My face was the same, my hair was the same…..just that I wore a different style of clothing than I normally do, and people I knew walked by me without a word of hello. Very strange. Anyway, take the test and see if you can do better than 8 🙂

The cost of a library…?


This is a little rant post about the amount of libraries and art galleries that are closing around the country. I just read in the news this morning about another town in which 15 out of the 16 libraries in the area are earmarked for closing, in a bit to “save” £2.9 million pounds a year. Now all these local libraries are pivotal to the community. Children right through to the elderly use the facilities for all manner of things – not just borrowing books. Libraries are used for group meetings, hobby courses, speakers, using computers, and many other activities that are important to a local community.

The very definition of community, in any dictionary, has the words “group”& “together”  in it.

So lets just say this particular council is successful in saving its 2.9 million pounds. Where will that money go? I’ll tell you where it will be needed…..mental health services. The older people who have nowhere to go will now spend all their time stuck inside their houses, wishing there was someone to talk to. Same for the disabled people who relied on the services of the library and the sense of community it brought. The children will have nowhere to go and nothing to do because they are stuck inside all evening after a day in school (where they competed against 32 other kids in the class for one teachers attention) The parents will be frustrated because they have bored unhappy children playing computer games all day, whereas before they read books and met up with their friends at the library. I’m sure there are plenty of other examples of people whose lives will be adversely affected by these national proposals, but its very early in the morning as I write this, and already I can feel my writing is infused with emotion, instead of calmness. But I make no apology – this whole matter of “saving money” is an injustice, because frankly it won’t put more police on the streets, it won’t help the local schools, it won’t raise the hourly rate of those on zero contract hours, it won’t do anything but make people miserable and angry at how our communities are being eroded into nothing……

End of rant. Going to make some tea and art.



Learning Style



(Painting I did last year called “Boom”, fitting for today’s topic I think)

Good morning everyone – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It snowed lots where I live, and many snowmen were built, and snowball fights were had! Snow – like the sun – cheers everyone up and makes them want to play, even adults, ha!

So, back to today’s assignment, learning style for me is very visual. I need a show and tell. If I try to build a wardrobe based on written instructions I’m all “Bleugh….this makes NO sense!” but if you show me how to do it (ie build the wardrobe while I stand back and drink coffee), then I’m on my merry way. I get it….really get it. BOOM! I can build anything!

I think many people are like this – after all, its how we learned as children. We learned by example, by watching and copying our parents, older siblings, teachers, etc. Even in Nature, baby animals learn by copying.

And I think its important in art too….people learn by copying. (Not copying to sell – that’s a whole ‘nother story), but in order to learn something visual, I think its natural to be shown in a visual manner. That’s why videos are important, and workshops. We all get together and learn together (or on our own, depending on personality) We become better at “*insert particular thing* by being shown, rather than being given a list of instructions and left to get on with it.

So thats my take on it…..I’d be interested to know whether you agree or not. How do you learn?