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Stolen internet!


Hi everyone – I’m writing this on my tiny phone so if there are spelling errors, forgive me. Anyway, my internet has mysteriously been re routed somewhere else randomly, leaving me with no landline and no internet. I’m in the middle of an argument with my ISP who insist on charging me despite this problem, as they say it’s not their fault. I’m at an impass right now and thinking about escalating it legally. It’s a real pain, so I just thought I would pop in and explain. Missing blogland terribly, but am still creating. Once I get this sorted out I will have so much to show you!!  See you soon…..

Redness of Firey depths


So I did this Hairdryer paintingredness1

I thought it looked quite firey and red. Very red, actually. It reminded me of what hell might look like. So bizarrely, that led me to look up – of all things – to see if it was available (my mind works in strange ways). It was “available for rent or purchase”. So then I looked up

“Error. Server not available.”

The moral of the story seems to be that even in Cyberspace, God is not for sale, whereas the Devil will do anything for money.


(Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. No religious offence is intended or implied)


Found Object, and, Abbott & Costello.


raf cross

I found this while we were out with the dog last night. We were walking through the grounds of the abbey on our way home when I saw this lying in the grass. It looked very forlorn, and was the only one of its kind that I could see, which I thought was a bit odd. I didn’t know what the words meant, so I took it home to Google it.

“Per Ardua Ad Astra” is the RAF Motto and it means Through Adversity to the Stars (which had me tearing up a little I must admit. I’m so bloomin sensitive!!) I don’t have any affiliation with the RAF, but I just thought this little Remembrance cross was so sweet. I’m going to put it back where I found it, because it means something special to someone.

(Also, to the man who told us off very angrily that we were walking across Abbott & Costello’s graves, I can assure you we weren’t. They were American, and I am quite sure that if by any extreme chance not of this earth, they were buried in this town, then it would certainly NOT be in the grounds of the Abbey! If we see you following us around town again waiting for a chance to wag your finger, I will have strong words with you and believe me, I won’t be as polite as my husband was.)

Woodland Walk


Hubby and I jumped on a random train today (with the dog), and ended up in the woods. I love Scottish woodland, because its wild and interesting – not just uniform trees. I saw this

scary tree root

which fascinated me – what happened to the tree? And whose idea was it to build stairs? Is it some sort of tree sacrifice? It looks so very strange and scary…….

Anyway, further on I found this

fossil leaf

This is tree bark, from a fallen tree. But the thing is, with the tree being fallen it got damp, so the bark was coming off in separate sheets. A few layers in, was this thing – which I like to believe is a fossilised leaf from when the tree was growing. The leaf fell onto the bark of a young tree, one Autumn day, and got stuck, and then bark grew over it in the coming years, causing the leaf to become mummified. Its very cool – I brought it home. 🙂

Then we have the Braided tree

braided tree

Now looking at it again, it looks kind of powerful…..muscles? Maybe its tree abs? Maybe it took so much strength to fight for light, that its just over developed compared to the other trees. Clearly some children thought it was a magic tree, because they put a little fairy door at the bottom. Quite what fairies are going to do with a plastic door, I have no idea, but its nice that kids see the potential 🙂

And finally

delicate flowers

No walk is complete without some flowers. These were very delicate papery flowers which I thought were very pretty.




I know this has nothing to do with recycling, but I wanted to share an amazing fruit I discovered today. Lychees! These are small pink round bumpy skinned fruit, about the size of a large grape. You peel off the skin like a boiled egg (if you are so inclined…I just normally thump the egg with a spoon) and eat the white juicy flesh underneath. The stones in the middle are large (like chocolate raisins) and hard. My teeth will testify to that – nobody told me they had stones!

The health benefits make them like a Superfruit! Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Niacin, riboflavin, folate, copper, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, etc, etc. The skin is so pink, I’m tempted to boil it up and see if it will make ink. Or dye….and then I shall plant the seeds to see what kind of plant grows.

I just had to share *ahem*. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, whereupon I will show you the newly dried paper pulp bowls from last week – all painted nicely!

Happy New Year


Well its Jan 2nd, 2016, and I still haven’t received my email from WP Blogging 101. I signed up thinking it would get me back on track with this blog, but hey…..I’ll go ahead anyway regardless. Maybe I signed up for something else by mistake, ha!

So my intentions for this blog are pretty succinct.

  1. Blog regularly, with consistent content.
  2. Show and tell (cos I make stuff ALL the time)
  3. Have fun making a record of the year

There, it wasn’t so hard.

Nice to meet you! 🙂

P.S. Jan 3rd and the email came through! Seems I’m a bit ahead of myself, sorry! Silly me. :p