Sewing on Wallpaper??


wallpaper sewing2Hello everyone! Perhaps my last post “Skippity Skip” was a tad premature……muscle aches, lethargy, and general flu like symptoms lasted for quite a few days, and today I finally feel a bit better…(she says cautiously)

Anyway…..sewing on wallpaper, whats that all about? Let me tell you then. I have acquired several wallpaper sample books from my lovely local decorating shop, and today I rifled through them wondering how to use them. I tried some collage, but no matter what glue I used, nothing would stick! So I came up with the idea of sewing the pieces on…..a bit bizarre, some might say.

But….there is much to learn with this technique!

wallpaper sewing 1

Not just the colours, but textures. Shapes and placement. PLUS, the thread colour and style of stitching – whether its part of the design element or not. These are just a couple of practice pieces, but I have more on the go.

Wallpaper structure is very sturdy and doesn’t crease or tear. It can be washed (obviously), and I’m finding it is very like working with textiles in a way. I’m loving this because it incorporates all creativeness in one! Such experimentation to be had. 🙂

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In Which We Walk To and Fro (Collage)


I enjoyed making this one – it reminded me of my ridiculous sense of direction. As in I have none. I’m one of those people who cringe if people ask me where a place is, I usually wave vaguely in the general direction of it. (To be fair, the people who ask are normally in cars, and I walk everywhere, so I know of shortcuts, but not roads). Also – now this is bizarre, I admit….but whenever I leave a shop to go into the street, I always turn right. No matter if my destination is the opposite way. Then I just stop and turn around or cross the road if need be, but I always turn right. Even if disembarking a bus or a train, I turn right – I’m going to smack into a wall at this rate, I swear!



All about the boy (Collage)


This has to be my most favourite collage I have made this week. I love the boys expression as he feeds the bird. This collage lark is really quite fun, and it ends up being quite intuitive. and unplanned. I choose a few images that I like at that moment and try to work them together. Most of the time I end up rummaging around for other bits and bobs that I think might work well and not even use the original images I chose. For example, the boy  was going to be sitting on an iceberg in the middle of Space, but I didn’t like the colour combination. So I gave him a flying bird ( an eagle at one point). I spotted this bird amongst the papers I had and loved the way the head looked quizzically backwards, so put the boy on its back as if they were looking at each other. Then I figured it would be really quite cute if the boy had something in his hand, so I gave him a seed (its garlic really, but it looks like a seed) The hand is from a charity shop fashion magazine and was part of a woman with her hands on her hip, all sultry (pfft!) so I chopped off her arm, turned it upside down and put the bird on it. And the background is the sky from a car advert. So it all goes together quite well visually – even though there is no particular message or meaning. Its just fun.




I have been trying out Instagram – basically just to see, y’know? I put up a few new collages I made, and there have been a few likes, but……


…I dunno. I mean, its alright, if you just want a show and tell, and for people to clap  like your stuff, but its not blogging. I do like blogging I must admit.


Its the social-ness of blogging I enjoy – the comments and making friends. With Instagram its just a click and move on. Maybe I’m not being fair, after all its only been a few days, but still…..

Do you use Instagram? if so, what do you like about it and am I just being mean, haha!

If you want to follow me there the link is @scribbleartie


Collage & Geekery

I had a clear up over the weekend and lost 4 collage I had made during the week. Pretty gutted about that, but I made two more. These are space ones (again, yes I have a lot of space backgrounds to use up, sorry about that!)



I quite like this one because the lighting worked out well against his face.


Not too sure about this one…..I like the planets I added at the side, and the turtle, but I feel like the boat is all wrong. The idea is quirky, but just the wrong type of boat. Ah well, its all about the learning I suppose. 🙂

Geekery stuff – well I finally caved in and got myself a new computer. I have wanted one for years, and this old macbook I am working on now is over 7 years old, and was a refurbished model to boot . Its been a regular little workhorse, mind you, and has coped with pretty much all I have thrown at it, until recently it began freezing and stalling and basically refusing to do anything its told while off the mains charge. The battery drains ridiculously quickly, and, well its time to retire it…..kind of. I’m thinking I could use it as back up until it really does die on me. What the new one will allow me to do, is work smarter and faster, without all the rigmarole of emailing myself information and pictures and being chained to the worktable to actually get some work done. So thats a good thing.

Now all I need to do is work tidily….if only there was an app for that.


Fun with collage

So I wandered down to the second hand charity warehouse place about 40 mins away. I haven’t been there before, and had no idea of the amount of books it had! Its a veritable goldmine for paper addicts! I collected a few old books and magazines (that were actually destined for landfill, because they had been lying there so long that they were taking up valuable space – can you imagine!! Throwing out books – what??)

I made these two collages with Nat Geo magazines and a foreign book from 1960 on Latvia, (apparently)



I like the look on this guys face “I’m just out for a spot of fishing, love, what d’you think you’re playing at, being all come hither?! I’m a married man!!” (only in Latvian, not like the Peter Kaye voice I had going on in my head!)

I also have a couple of works in progress going on. I discovered that if you put eyes on something, it takes on a whole new life……


Amazing what eyes on an apple and a glass of wine can turn into, eh?


Some collage

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with collage……


It hasn’t been something I have done at all in my creative life – I was always very much an idiot someone who believed that using other peoples images was wrong and you would be sent to hell, blah, blah, blah. But then after playing around and realising that the very meaning of collage was to repurpose other images (especially those destined for the rubbish bin) and make them your own, I relaxed a bit.


It became quite amusing to see what I could come up with……


The whole surrealism of placing images next to others that have no connection with each other really appeals to me, although the actual cutting out of said images is quite an ordeal. You have no idea what my floor looks like……actually you probably do, but for newbies to the blog – (Hello and welcome!) its a world of chaos right there on its own.


So yes, I’m feeling fairly pleased with myself about now. This might be a new obsession…….


Oh hello!

Yes, I know, its been so very long since I posted – over 20 days. I’m sorry. Have a collage


Thing is, I have really been in a stuck place creatively speaking. My muse, Matilda,

matilda2Decided to run away


So I really didn’t know what to do with myself


I played and painted, tried some collage – didn’t work. I don’t like playing with other peoples images really. I tried to make some of my own collage bits, didn’t work either.


So then I fell back on my beloved Decalcomania. And wondered if I could enhance that somewhat. So I did a little balloon, because I adore balloons.


So I’m back….. *waves to new followers*


Still here..


I’m still here, but haven’t had a chance to post properly as I’m trying to organise things in my room, yet again. I’ve discovered what my “problem” is……I have too much stuff too many boxes for all my bits and bobs. What I require is some sort of shelving unit. Now I do have a couple of free standing shelves, but they are not fixed to the wall as they are on wheels. Also, my walls are very thin, so actually drilling holes for shelving then placing things ON the attached shelves, would basically crack the walls. I’m trying to use my imagination and find ways of storage that doesn’t involve hammers and nails. I am also attempting to section off areas of the room, so I have a drawing/painting area, sewing area, and crafting area. Not easy in a tiny room. First world problems I know, but still….

The above picture is a collage of randomly torn newspaper, placed into a recognisable shape, painted on, and drawn on. Circa 2011 or somesuch.