Well it seems that I have been very remiss in my posting here, despite the fact that I got a new laptop! Lemme explain….

I tried to make a video for YouTube, because I thought that chatting on screen would make me oh-so confident (because really I am incredibly shy and introverted), so I made it, and made a thumbnail like this, which I thought was terribly clever!

YT Thumbnail Papercraft

Then I thought it was really cheesy and horrible and nobody would watch someone playing with scrap paper, and so I deleted it. Even that gleeful look on my face makes me cringe, haha!

So! Having decided that I wasn’t going to be a YouTube star after all, I cleared up all my arty crafty stuff and fixed up my room for making a study of sorts (being a student in August an’ all), then I got all dismayed at not being able to do arty stuff, retrieved all my  materials, and proceeded to organise them into boxes *properly*.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Organising and sorting. I’m thinking I can actually combine the crafting stuff with student life, because I can make stationery, folders, planners, and notebooks! So its a win win all round! Go me and my cheesy grin! 🙂


Recycled Brown Paper Notebook

Hello, Happy Monday to you all 🙂 Today I made myself a little notebook, just because……


I don’t need another notebook, but I couldn’t bear to see the huge amount of brown packing paper that was scrunched up ready to go out to the bin. I mean, it was a huge pile… I tore it up into strips (easy as it was already perforated), and ironed it. Yes I do iron sometimes….haha!


After I ironed it, I folded it up into signatures


Then sewed along the edges to make the pages secure….one single page wasn’t thick enough, so I doubled them up.


After that I put a few signatures together and sewed up the middle so that it would fold over nicely


I glued some tissue paper onto the cover to make it….pretty, and placed contact paper over that so it would lie flat. It kind of detracts from the whole recycling thing, using contact paper, but I want to take this out in public and I’m sure nobody wants bits of tissue paper floating around their head, haha!


So there we are – a hand made little book 31 pages thick, and measuring 7 x 7 inches.

P.S My writing is atrocious, I know.


Ink Dyed Fabric



Good morning! I hope you are all well today, and that you had a great weekend? I spent the majority of the weekend dying lots of recycled fabric. Sumptious colours, don’t you think? The way I do it (adopts arty farty voice “my process“) leaves a lot to serendipity, in that once the fabric has dried, lots of shapes appear, like this one……

pink shape

So it leaves lots of scope for stitching ideas – I’m not the most patient of hand stitchers, I prefer to use my machine, but I have a few ideas for making things, so I’ll be back later on with an update! 😀



framed pic2 framed pic1

Hello – its almost the weekend! 😀

I began yesterday with the sparkling idea of making cardboard frames for my pictures. I have a ton of cardboard (which comes from one of “my” shops – she throws it out on a Wednesday and I go collect it 🙂 ) Anyway, the frames didn’t quite work out, so I used the sheets as a backing for a few  empty canvas frames I have. I backed the picture onto black cardboard, then staplegunned the brown cardboard to the back of the frame. Then I stapled the pic down. 5 mins it took me. Its only for my room, mind you – if it was a professional job then I would take more care obviously, but hey it looks alright.

And here is a blue scribble man for your perusal. 😀

blue man


Paper Pulp Bowls


So two of my bowls have been completed. I tried out some metallic paint for a change, rather than matt acrylic. I quite like the effect, but perhaps not inside and out. The lumpy bumpy texture makes it look like foil, ha! May as well make a foil bowl then, huh?

I filled this one with oranges because we are a very healthy fresh fruit family (she says, sliding the chocolate cookies out of view….) and also the small oranges look very nice against the green.




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Lightbulb of Doom!

lightbulb of doom

Let me tell you the story of the Lightbulb of Doom.

Yesterday morning was a shock to the system. Up at stupid o’clock, stumbling around making breakfast and getting Husband ready for his first day back at work after the holidays….I’m grumbling and mumbling reminders out loud about stuff we needed to do – and the lightbulb exploded….ok, an exaggeration perhaps, but it was loud. And it tripped the whole system of electricity! So Husband was grabbing his stuff and flying out the door to get his train, toast in hand…..I’m scrabbling about the cupboard trying to locate the Main switch, the dog is howling because everything is dark and she needs a cuddle (diva dog, yep)….chaos!!

Half an hour later, and calm is restored. I’m sitting at the kitchen table, coffee in one hand, and glaring at the offensive bulb lying sweetly quiet but dead next to me.

So I made it into a hot air balloon decoration. Because that’s what I do. I have moments of symbolic epiphanies (lightbulb = idea…..geddit?? Haha!)

I glued and pasted and painted and came up with this. It now hangs in my little workroom. Hangs off my lamp actually. My lamp works…..heh!