Egg Head Doll

EggHead Doll2

Hello! I decided to make something different today, rather than paint. I was in the mood for getting messy with fabric but didn’t know what to make – I thought a doll would be safe enough. This doll was made with a styrofoam egg shape, turned upside down and painted. (I think I’m all so very clever for thinking they look like heads!) Pipe cleaners (or chenille sticks, as they are now called) for the body and limbs, wool/thread wrapped all over and some hand dyed fabric for the skirt. I used mohair wool for the hair, and a piece of silky material for the headscarf. As yet she has no face…..I am scared to do a face because I haven’t practised enough on dolls and I don’t want to ruin her! I think she looks fine without one really…..ha!

EggHead Doll3

I love that you can bend the pipe cleaners in any way, so that she can take on different positions. I’m looking at her face now thinking I should have done a second coat of paint. Ah well, the next one – its all about the experimentation. 🙂


Little folk doll (with face)

Hello….I have totally fallen in love with the Motanka dolls of the Ukraine. Here is a picture of one I adore. These lovely little dolls are amulets for health and prosperity. The colours all mean something, and the material is all recycled from family and friends, thus capturing the happiness and luck from it, and passing it on. Its a wonderful sentiment. They have no faces on purpose so that the nasty spirits don’t think its a person and sneak in to bring bad luck.

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 21.10.22 (Link – its Russian though)

I have been trying to make something like it…..although clearly in my own odd style, haha! The material is all recycled, but thats as far as it goes….I just wanted it to look pretty. She looks very serious, so I doubt she will be passing on anything cheery 😀

folk doll

and here is her little baby

folk doll and baby

The baby looks cheeky. I think I prefer the baby to be honest – I might make more tiny ones rather than the larger size.