Seascape (Rockscape?)

Rocks and seaSo I was looking through some photos and realised that I could now use an online program called Pixlr to have some fun with photography filters. I couldn’t use the website for the longest time because its flash based, and my “Tea” Laptop (I’m referring to the one I drowned as the Tea Laptop, just for future!) did not have flash capabilities at all. So there were many websites I couldn’t access, which was vaguely annoying. I thought I would mess around with this shot I took on the Isle of Bute, in Scotland a few weeks ago to see how it could look with a nice dreamy filter on it.


Hrrrm, Spring has sprung?

Daffodil Abbey

So I was out walking the dog this morning, and felt that, despite the gloomy skies, Spring was stepping her little dainty toes in and around the local area. I haven’t seen much in the way of snowdrops or crocuses this year, but daffodils, oh they are in abundance! One thing I will say about round here, nobody picks the flowers. People tend to leave them alone, which is quite nice to see. I took this shot at the local Abbey and fiddled around with filters to highlight the daffs. The building is beautiful on a nice sunny day, but being gloomy as it was this morning, well….not looking its best.

Wherever you are, I do hope you are having a lovely weekend! 🙂



….I know, its not a particularly inspiring title at ALL, but it describes this post accurately enough.

I went a wandering round town today with a camera I got for Christmas. I haven’t done much with it, to be honest – apart from use it for my bubble pics, so I thought I had better get to know it a little better. (For the techy people, its a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70)

First of all though, since I was still on Macro Mode, I took this shot


I thought it would be funny to shoot a tub of coloured pencils in Black and White. (I’m easily amused!)

So, onwards into town.

clock tower

This is a clock tower, and the filter is called “Impressive Art” which is something of a mystery to me. It looks pretty good, although its just for fun.


This filter lark is very good for buildings, I find. I did take some shots of flowers and birds, but it looks better with stonework I think. Oh and sky. (This is the observatory, where you can go upstairs and look at the moon)


This is another tower – the bird was a complete fluke, if I’m honest, but it adds a nice balance I think.


I took this shot from a hill far far away. The zoom on this little camera is incredible, ha!


And finally the 12th Century Abbey, where we got told off for walking over Abbott & Costello