Macro Flowers Photography

I was out with my little dog today, and came across some lovely flowers – tulips I think. They had ragged edges, which looks quite lovely. The Frayed Tulip its called.

The painted flower

This one looks painted doesn’t it?

Pink Tulip Edge Macro

This is pretty as well.

Yellow edged tulip

Of course they have been modified to look like this, which my heart doesn’t agree with really (hypocritical, i know, since I’m posting them here saying “oooh pretty”) but I’m more of a wild meadow flower lover.



Macro Mother Nature

Hello, back again with some photographs. Playing with the macro setting again, and examining the details in some flowers I came across at a local park garden.

“What are you doing?” asked a young mother with a small child who had been niggling for ice cream but had been dragged over to “see the pretty flowers” instead

“I’m taking photos of flowers” I said, waving the camera to clarify the fact.

“Yes, but why are you so close to them?” she asked, trying to grab her child before he flew towards the now disappearing ice cream van.

“well, so I can get good detail shots of the petals” I said.

“But why?” a seriously puzzled look had appeared on her face now. “Its better to get a picture of them all isn’t it? Not just one petal?”

“Yes, but I like close up photographs”

“You must need glasses then” she said as she wandered off with her grumbly child.

Hrmph. Here we are, some close ups.

foxglove macro


curved flower



rose macrowhite macro flower

waterdrops leaf

symmetrical fern




Bubbles and bleugh

Hello, hello, yes I’m still here. I returned to my oil and water bubbles today, which was very fun.


The past few weeks I have been feeling in a bit of a funk creatively speaking. Everything I tried didn’t quite turn out right, and I became quite frustrated and annoyed with myself. So I had a huge purge of my stuff, threw a lot – and I mean a LOT of stuff out, and boxed up other things. If I don’t open those boxes in the next 6 month then they go out too. All I have left to play with is paint and paper, which is very refreshing. I walk into that room now and its so minimal. I have two tables – one for drawing on, and one for my paints. That’s it.


So of course, like the absolute doofus I am, I decide to start taking bubble photographs and ignore my lovely minimalist room!

But hey…we all need a change now and again don’t we ๐Ÿ˜€


Anyway, I do hope you are all well.




Colour me Friday

Hello! We took the dog out for a walk this evening, despite the rain. She (the dog) was quite willing, which is unusual for her – normally she is a bit of a diva and sits squarely down on her bottom and refuses to move when its wet. But this time she was bouncy and full of beans!

Anyway, as she chased the ball around, I noticed the flowers in the rain and how the droplets formed on the petals. (I was one of those kids who watched raindrops falling down the window pane, all running into each other) I’m not well versed in flowers but these were pretty







All these were done (quickly) on my camera phone, so quality isn’t great, but pretty colours all the same.

P.S. I’m working on a shop. An online one. And its not run by the one that sounds like “cheatsy”, oh no….this one is special. More to come. ๐Ÿ˜€


Macro Mushroom

Hello everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I was cooking pasta and mushrooms tonight (with quark cheese – yuck, gives me acid that stuff) and I noticed the beautiful lines inside the mushroom. So of course, as I am want to do, I grabbed my phone and took a quick snap shot.

macro mushroom

Something about the fine lines just fascinates me, so pretty. Bit ofย  a strange subject I suppose, but hey, the world is full of strange pretty things.


Back with a Bang (and a bubbe)

*Bustles in backwards through the door, carrying coffee and cake, and sits down*

*waves to everyone* Hello! 4 days away and look at the things that have happened! (Been very unwell – I’ll spare you the details. Have some cake ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Yeah – Make it Through Monday didn’t quite make it through then, eh? ha! I’ll catch up tomorrow *hands over sick note*

I’ll also catch up on emails, comments, and suchlike. I love you all!

Thanks for bearing with me – I’m not a slacker, although I do feel terribly guilty at being away from here. But its Scotland, and the weird weather does all sorts of strange things to ones immune system.

Have a bubble, why don’t you. It goes well with cake.





Bubbles Baaaaabyyyy!!

I know, I know…bubbles, sheesh! Who knew they could be so interesting?! I do go outside, you know, oh yes, I have a Real Life, that keeps me fairly busy – I’m really not such a bubblehead ๐Ÿ˜€ I just had an amusing thought though – I’m currently applying for a different job, and imagined a scenario whereby I had to go for an interview, and they ask my what I enjoy doing in my spare time…..what do I say? That I like photographing bubbles??!!

Anyway, here’s one I did this morning….I had the audacity to name it as well. behold the Purple Jewel *ahem* (Pretentious, much? Haha!)

Purple jewel


Bubbles (again)


Good morning! Some improvement in my Macro photography this morning. This is an oil and soap liquid solution, which makes the bubbles thicker and more shapely, in my opinion. The soap gives off the beautiful colours, and also keeps them formed longer instead of popping. Next thing I need to learn is how to stop the mass of tiny bubbles around it. I just want nice fat bubbles. Not too much to ask for is it? lol