“Copyist” or Forger?

Hello everyone. I’m working on a proper post for tomorrow at some point, but I just came across this little article in Skynews.

Basically this guy is a master forger and is selling copies of the great paintings done by artists of old, like Picasso and such like. Now he isn’t saying they are originals, and the prices that he charges certainly don’t come close to the millions of pounds commanded by the originals……but apparently his lawyers have advised him to call himself a copyist, rather than a forger.

I say Pffft! to that.

If he is such a great artist who can replicate others – why he heck isn’t he painting his own damn stuff and selling THEM?

I believe that he did try at one point, to sell his own paintings –  but nobody bought them…..(aww bless, have a chocolate pickle.)

So….that’s my little rant over. I’m heading back to my original post for tomorrow, which I haven’t copied from anyone else and will have my very own photos and my very own words……. 😀