Another Paint Pour Experiment

I know, another obsession brewing, heh! But look!



I’m just showing two bits of the same painting here, because it changes all the time – but this is just acrylic paint and water on a canvas. I’m just loving the tiny detailed swirls. Its a small canvas 30 x 40cm, but the entire thing looks like marble. I’m looking forward to it drying so I can varnish it and bring out the colours.


Hairdryer painting….

No I’m not going to show you a boring still life of hair accessories! I have been carrying on with my poured poster paintings, and liking the results but hating the multitude of air bubbles that crack open as the paint dries (which has taken about 3 days, dontchya know)

So I took a hairdryer to this one…

blue stripey

….and ended up with this……

water swirl

Looks quite cool really, but I think I’m done with these for now. I’m working on some watercolour and ink things……Spirographs actually. I picked up a set in a charity shop so I’m making pretty designs.


Keyring Fun!

cupcake key ringpoint1 disco doll keyringpoint1

yellow doll key ring happy blue doll

disco doll keyring keyring on keys

Hello everyone! Its 05.28 at the time of writing, and I’m up at this time because the sun is streaming through the window and a blackbird is singing joyfully in a nearby tree. Love these kind of mornings! :D. I finally had to get this post up once and for all, after struggling with image sizing for the past few days. I huffed and puffed and grumbled, blaming WP, technology in general, the sunshine, the rain – but then realised it was my photo editor that was the problem.(Doh!) Anyhow, here we are – a bunch of keyrings made from paper. I made about 25 all in, so  job well done I think. Most have been given away now, so I’m making some more after tweaking a few things. P.S, just for fun, I worked out how much I would sell these for if I were to account for labour, overheads and cost of materials. Guess how much each key-ring would cost the customer…….. £52.80!! ($77) hahaha!


Woman in Repose

Good afternoon lovely people! I’m waiting for fabric stuff to dry, and have the patience of a scuttling ant, so while I’m waiting, I thought I would do some decalcomania. I am seriously quite obsessed with this artform, its just so…….weird!


This piece for example – don’t you think it looks like a woman lying sleeping? Or maybe even dead? It made me think of ancient burial rites, mummification, rituals and all that stuff (because clearly I was an Anthropologist in a previous life)

Anyway, just thought I would share this. I’d better get some dinner on before Mister gets back from work and thinks I have done nothing but play all day! 😀