More (Local) Street Art

Hello, hello! Oh its so good to be posting here again 😀 I’m kicking things off with some vibrant street art that has sprung up recently round my town. We (the town, not me personally) are trying to win something called City of Culture 2021. Its a *thing*, y’know, to raise the profile of large towns and cities across the UK. Hull have the honours at the moment for 2017, and we, amongst others are competing for 2021 (its every 4 years if you haven’t worked that out already…..!)

So, amongst other events, plans to brighten up the place are afoot. This includes things like festivals (food and beer, mostly), lights strung up across various dark lanes, flowers all over the place…..and of course, street art. (Lets not mention the council raising business rates for retail places and the amount of empty shops we have….nope)

jimmy hendrix

John Lennon



Now these were all down the same street, which is a street full of clubs and music venues – hence the common theme. Sadly I don’t know who the street artist is – I have seen him around hanging from various scaffolding (these paintings are HUGE!) so it didn’t seem appropriate to chat to him. If I catch up with him on ground level, I shall certainly credit him.

I do have lots more to show you but I will leave that for during the week. For now I’m trying to get a video set up, about planners and suchlike. 😀





“Copyist” or Forger?

Hello everyone. I’m working on a proper post for tomorrow at some point, but I just came across this little article in Skynews.

Basically this guy is a master forger and is selling copies of the great paintings done by artists of old, like Picasso and such like. Now he isn’t saying they are originals, and the prices that he charges certainly don’t come close to the millions of pounds commanded by the originals……but apparently his lawyers have advised him to call himself a copyist, rather than a forger.

I say Pffft! to that.

If he is such a great artist who can replicate others – why he heck isn’t he painting his own damn stuff and selling THEM?

I believe that he did try at one point, to sell his own paintings –  but nobody bought them…..(aww bless, have a chocolate pickle.)

So….that’s my little rant over. I’m heading back to my original post for tomorrow, which I haven’t copied from anyone else and will have my very own photos and my very own words……. 😀