Upcycled Bread Box!

So I altered another charity shop find…..well it was going in the bin, so I had to rescue it! Had To…..!


This was originally a plain wooden box thing for bread. I stained the wood (with acrylic paint) and glued scrapbook paper onto it. The paper already had a grungy look to it, so I went with it. I liked the aesthetic, so just followed through. On either side I covered two cardboard tubes with paper and glued one end to a point so that anything (paint brushes, etc) I put in, wouldn’t fall out. One the other side I papered over a little box and used that for pencils.

inside BBInside I stained the wood again, and used it to store paints (in the orange pouch), paper, palettes and a jar (for water). I love how the door bit folds open so that I can paint on it like a little table, so cute! So yes, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out – only took a day to do it.

If I find something to upcycle again, I will do a before and after, or even a video, ha!

Tissue Paper Dyed Fabric

Whoot!! I am so excited to get this post out – the first *proper* one of the year (thank goodness) I had an empty house today so got busybusy!

Ok, so this is fabric dyed with bleeding tissue paper. The fabric is actually a white duvet cover that has been laundered to within an inch of its life (charity shop purchase, £1.00. Loving the recycling and giving it another life, but y’know, I’m a bit OCD with the “launderation” of these things.


Isn’t this so pretty? Against the orange wall and the light coming in from the window on the left. Oh yes, loving this! (P.S there is nobody under there, I swear)

Here are the steps if you want to try this yourself:


Get yourself some white fabric and some bleeding tissue paper (I got mine from the poundshop at….well, £1.00, obviously!) Also, we are dealing with water here, so get some waterproof covering for your table, like plastic bags or a large bin bag for refuse. Even if you cover your surface with paper, you can end up with very pretty paper for another project!


You can just keep it one colour or loads of different colours if you want. Remember it bleeds so you don’t want muddy bleugh colours. Wet it down and flatten with a roller


I used a spare roller that I had from painting the wall, but a rolling pin, bottle of water, can of beans works just as well.


Keep folding and flattening until its like this, and then leave it for a couple of hours so the tissue paper soaks in.

(The next step is going to be a bit messy, so grab some gloves if you don’t want inky fingers!)

Unroll the cloth and dry with a hairdryer. (Or you could leave it overnight to air dry) The hairdryer dries the tissue paper and also seals in the colour. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Tumble drying this project will cause fire! I will not be buying you a new tumble dryer or a new house if you do. Sorry for the bossy voice, but three guesses why I don’t have a tumble dryer……

Anyway, moving on……you take your newly coloured and dried cloth and iron it. This again seals the colour – although its not totally waterproof. I mean….the colour won’t run if it gets splashed, but don’t go sewing up a bathing costume or anything. 🙂

Close ups of the colours….



So there you have it. Unique fabric that you can cut and sew to your little hearts content. 😀



Some collage

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with collage……


It hasn’t been something I have done at all in my creative life – I was always very much an idiot someone who believed that using other peoples images was wrong and you would be sent to hell, blah, blah, blah. But then after playing around and realising that the very meaning of collage was to repurpose other images (especially those destined for the rubbish bin) and make them your own, I relaxed a bit.


It became quite amusing to see what I could come up with……


The whole surrealism of placing images next to others that have no connection with each other really appeals to me, although the actual cutting out of said images is quite an ordeal. You have no idea what my floor looks like……actually you probably do, but for newbies to the blog – (Hello and welcome!) its a world of chaos right there on its own.


So yes, I’m feeling fairly pleased with myself about now. This might be a new obsession…….

Keyring Fun!

cupcake key ringpoint1 disco doll keyringpoint1

yellow doll key ring happy blue doll

disco doll keyring keyring on keys

Hello everyone! Its 05.28 at the time of writing, and I’m up at this time because the sun is streaming through the window and a blackbird is singing joyfully in a nearby tree. Love these kind of mornings! :D. I finally had to get this post up once and for all, after struggling with image sizing for the past few days. I huffed and puffed and grumbled, blaming WP, technology in general, the sunshine, the rain – but then realised it was my photo editor that was the problem.(Doh!) Anyhow, here we are – a bunch of keyrings made from paper. I made about 25 all in, so  job well done I think. Most have been given away now, so I’m making some more after tweaking a few things. P.S, just for fun, I worked out how much I would sell these for if I were to account for labour, overheads and cost of materials. Guess how much each key-ring would cost the customer…….. £52.80!! ($77) hahaha!

Works in progress

Hello everyone, how are you? Its Friday April 1st and not one single joke or prank has been played, such a shame!

Anyway, here is a decal fail I managed to make something of:


Quite cute I think 🙂

And here is a paper mache sculpture I have rescued from the other day – I should know by now that wet strips of sticky paper don’t work well with me, so I peeled it off and let it dry out again. I’m thinking of a new plan for this:

paper mache doll

I rather like the contemplative pose this has, so I’ll see what I can do with it. I’m thinking maybe paper pulp, clay or fabric.

Have a nice day 😀

Ink Dyed Fabric



Good morning! I hope you are all well today, and that you had a great weekend? I spent the majority of the weekend dying lots of recycled fabric. Sumptious colours, don’t you think? The way I do it (adopts arty farty voice “my process“) leaves a lot to serendipity, in that once the fabric has dried, lots of shapes appear, like this one……

pink shape

So it leaves lots of scope for stitching ideas – I’m not the most patient of hand stitchers, I prefer to use my machine, but I have a few ideas for making things, so I’ll be back later on with an update! 😀


framed pic2 framed pic1

Hello – its almost the weekend! 😀

I began yesterday with the sparkling idea of making cardboard frames for my pictures. I have a ton of cardboard (which comes from one of “my” shops – she throws it out on a Wednesday and I go collect it 🙂 ) Anyway, the frames didn’t quite work out, so I used the sheets as a backing for a few  empty canvas frames I have. I backed the picture onto black cardboard, then staplegunned the brown cardboard to the back of the frame. Then I stapled the pic down. 5 mins it took me. Its only for my room, mind you – if it was a professional job then I would take more care obviously, but hey it looks alright.

And here is a blue scribble man for your perusal. 😀

blue man

Reclaimed palette

Hello, I hope you are all well today? Gosh I am so excited because I finally got myself a wooden palette! (Who knew scrap wood equals having a great day?!) I have wanted one for so long, but the ones I saw were all soaked, dirty, broken and otherwise unsuitable. So today, when I saw that a new business which opened up down the road had cast out some palettes (3 to be exact, all brand new wood), I asked if I could have them. I took the smallest one with me as I already had the dog, and there was no way on earth I was lugging huge palettes up the road! (Heavens knows what I’m going to do with the other two – eek! She wants them away by 6pm)

Anyway, I got my trusty sander out and smoothed all the splinters. I’m not sure whether to leave it as is, with a coat of varnish, or maybe paint it? What do you think?

palette  palette bottompalette top These photos were taken a bit quickly so I’m sorry for the poor quality, ha! Seeing them on here makes me think I could just leave it as it is….looks quite nice really, all natural. Hmmm.

Arts & Crafts on a Budget


Good morning everyone!

I thought I would write this post in response to the assignment on Blogging 101, and also for anyone who wants to simply have some fun with creativity.

See….(I hope I don’t start ranting)……Being creative these days, seems to take so much work! So much money.….so much stuff! I see huge supply lists before any project, and so many brand names (many of which I haven’t even heard of, never mind used) Its like “You can’t make *insert pretty project* unless you have ALL these supplies. “Be Prepared” they say, very importantly.


I hear my bank account sighing before I have even spent a penny.

So….here I am, bringing my little (handmade, and rather large, actually) box of creative goodies to plonk down on your table and saying “All you need is right here, right now” Rummage through your  junk drawers, raid the recycling bin for bits and bobs (for example look at this book I made from an empty laundry box)


Help your local business by offering to help them get rid of their “rubbish” Because for a creative project, there is no such thing as rubbish, haha! Its all pure gold.

And thats really why I’m here. To show you that playing and creativity can be done anywhere, by anyone for next to no cost.

The End. (See, I didn’t really rant at all, did i? I was quite polite 🙂 )