Blogging 101

Life is like a Pigeon…

pigeons ahoy

I  took this shot in the High Street, as a flock of pigeons rose and swarmed like locusts swooping on a field of….what do locusts eat….grain? A field of grain.

So! Why is life like pigeons….well, we have the Lurgy again. Apparently its the 100 day Cold, according to the doctor. Hubby is on antibiotics, while I’m just sniffy. I tried to continue with doll production, but its not really happening. I got as far as this….

stick egg doll

…….then got bored. I’m all out of patience right now. Bleugh. I want to paint, but the Room of Doom is all Doomlike again, which makes me fed up. I need more space (hahaha! Nope.) I need to chuck out some stuff. Purge time. The idea doesn’t excite me, but needs must. I have to start the week productively and no sniffles are going to stop me!

Hope you are all well here in Blogland.


Finally ready

Ok so, I may actually be ready to do some major work on the creative front. Since the last post, I have changed the room around and basically halved it – putting all my supplies against one wall, and having the rest of the room clear to do art stuff. I painted one wall orange – because I had some weird bohemian mood strike me and thought orange with teal, etc would be so lovely. Sadly I had an accident whereby most of the orange paint ended up all over the floor, so i had to scrub it all off before proceeding.



This is the colour “sunset orange”. I did not make the butterfly, its a clip on christmas decoration.


This is the “supply wall” I know it still looks pretty messy, but I know where everything is. Its the back wall so you don’t see it unless you actually enter the doorway and into the room. This is the colour that spilled onto the floor. Nice…..

In other news, I got myself a Bamboo steamer – basically a basket in which you shove place gently all manner of healthy goodness into it, and cook in a large pot of boiling water.


In here was seabass, spinach, mange tout, peppers and more spinach. Tonight will be chicken, spinach, veggies and spinach. 🙂

So there we go. Thats what I have been up to. Tonight/tomorrow will be the start of creativeness!