All work and no play! :(


mini painting landscape

So I have a job now. Hence my absence. I may have a job and a half after Wednesday, but for now I have *a* job. Until December. Its in a shop, nothing like an office, but its ok….although dealing with people all day is exhausting. (Introvert problems y’see)

Trouble is, I have no time to be creative which annoys me. I’m still finding my feet and getting time to play is few and far between. However, I did manage the mini painting up there, and a bit of decalcomania

decalcomania grey

decalcomania blue

And now I’m going to nap. Because working is hard work. 🙂

Pastel again

So this afternoon I did this. I have no idea what its meant to be – if anything – but I’m just practicing shading (and making a dusty ol’ mess). I don’t like the angle, its too sharp. It was meant to be a bit more rounded, not a corner. I also added flowers (to make it normal, y’know) which was a huge fail and its now in the bin. So…here, for the record, is the original version.

orange and grey pastel