Back online and painting

Whoot! Hi everyone! Glad to be back – issues still ongoing, but lets not be moany. I hope you are all having a fine day.

Lemme show you something I have been working on – its poured painting. These shots are all different parts of the same painting.


Remember when I tried the hairdryer paintings, and said I didn’t want to try acrylic poured painting because it involved chemicals and stuff? Well I got some good results just using water and paint.


The thing with this technique is that it changes ALL the time – for example….this shot here no longer exists. It had morphed into something else by the time I had uploaded the picture.


This is at the bottom of the picture and is beginning to dry. When the paint dries, it gets quite muted so I’m going to have to find a varnish that can bring back the vibrance and shine.


Not on the same page….

So, today I was painting and made some decals. I was especially proud of this one


which I called “Plant Shoots” due to it reminding me of some weird bamboo plant with pod like things emerging. Or it could be eyes…..


I actually made a rough GIF with these two together, as if the eyes were blinking. Looked pretty cool, until I showed my husband…..

“Oh, are you doing a project on women’s health? Look, ovaries…..”



Paint Palette Art

paint palette art

Hello! Back again after a wee break. Hope you are all well – such a lot to catch up on, I see :D. Anyway, I opened up my watercolours this morning to have a bit of a dabble, and I saw this little guy (top left, in case you haven’t noticed) So of course I had to define him and take his picture for posterity!

I’m doing some one line doodle collages just now…..rather surreal, but fun to make. I haven’t done collages for years, so its nice to get something new down on paper.


Macro Mushroom

Hello everyone 🙂 I was cooking pasta and mushrooms tonight (with quark cheese – yuck, gives me acid that stuff) and I noticed the beautiful lines inside the mushroom. So of course, as I am want to do, I grabbed my phone and took a quick snap shot.

macro mushroom

Something about the fine lines just fascinates me, so pretty. Bit of  a strange subject I suppose, but hey, the world is full of strange pretty things.


Woman in Repose

Good afternoon lovely people! I’m waiting for fabric stuff to dry, and have the patience of a scuttling ant, so while I’m waiting, I thought I would do some decalcomania. I am seriously quite obsessed with this artform, its just so…….weird!


This piece for example – don’t you think it looks like a woman lying sleeping? Or maybe even dead? It made me think of ancient burial rites, mummification, rituals and all that stuff (because clearly I was an Anthropologist in a previous life)

Anyway, just thought I would share this. I’d better get some dinner on before Mister gets back from work and thinks I have done nothing but play all day! 😀