Sewing on Wallpaper??


wallpaper sewing2Hello everyone! Perhaps my last post “Skippity Skip” was a tad premature……muscle aches, lethargy, and general flu like symptoms lasted for quite a few days, and today I finally feel a bit better…(she says cautiously)

Anyway…..sewing on wallpaper, whats that all about? Let me tell you then. I have acquired several wallpaper sample books from my lovely local decorating shop, and today I rifled through them wondering how to use them. I tried some collage, but no matter what glue I used, nothing would stick! So I came up with the idea of sewing the pieces on…..a bit bizarre, some might say.

But….there is much to learn with this technique!

wallpaper sewing 1

Not just the colours, but textures. Shapes and placement. PLUS, the thread colour and style of stitching – whether its part of the design element or not. These are just a couple of practice pieces, but I have more on the go.

Wallpaper structure is very sturdy and doesn’t crease or tear. It can be washed (obviously), and I’m finding it is very like working with textiles in a way. I’m loving this because it incorporates all creativeness in one! Such experimentation to be had. 🙂


Paper Jewellery

Hello everyone! I know its Wednesday and I promised a post on Monday, but I’m here now, scatty as always – the ideas just kept coming, and…and…I couldn’t stop the roll.

So the past few days I have been cutting and gluing (being so careful of that dastardly knife!) and making paper beads and jewellery. Or Jewelry, as the Americans spell it.

A very nice man at the local hardware shop gave me 2 discontinued wallpaper sample books so off I trotted gleefully to play. I didn’t have jewellery in mind at first, but then I thought the pretty papers would look great as beads.


This is wallpaper beads, wooden beads and a cardboard bead. The wallpaper was a deep shiny blue and turquoise which I really like.


I really liked the cardboard bead so I made another one and painted it, adding a couple of shiny doo-dah things and a painted wooden bead.


This is a pendant made from cardboard, covered with wallpaper. A button and a shiny doo-dah thing finishes it off, and its strung on matching cord. After posting this, I noticed that the glue hasn’t quite dried up yet, ha! Sorry…how unprofessional of me 😀 It does dry clear, I’m just too enthusiastic.


A bracelet of wallpaper, glass bead, and cord. I’ll restring this because I don’t like the big knot. A proper silver fastening would look much neater – just experimenting.


I painted the paper for this one, just to see how it would look. Its quite vibrant – if you like red! Again I’ll restring this one.

So I have a ton of other beads and things to string up. The weather has turned for the worst now, so this will keep me occupied for a while. I won’t bore you with more pictures just yet though!