Fancy a Walk? (Picture Heavy)

So today we sailed off to the beach – one of many little islands dotted around the Scottish coast. It was a bleak day, mostly…muggy and grey. I only took my phone camera with me to snap a few shots, so here they are…


This was the view from the ferry – see how grey blue it all is? But interesting things happen on the water…


A Submarine!

Fishing Boat

A rusty old fishing boat


A yacht. (Not mine, sadly!)

Empty Beach

I found some jellyfish….GIANT jellyfish on the empty beach as the tide was going out…


My walking boot for scale


These things were like something from a horror movie!

clear water

Look how clear the water is though!

B&W Standing Stones

We found some ancient standing stones – I took this in black and white to highlight the “faces” I see there. I see faces in most things!

Escaped Cow

I tried to rescue an escaped cow that couldn’t get back in her field…..she ran away from me and her friends gathered around moo-ing defensively. I left them to it. Scary things, cows are – especially in a gang!


On the way back on the ferry, I just had to take a photo of this adorable lighthouse!


As we waited for the train, I saw this……now someone did make a face with this….didn’t they? They did. So funny!




River and Reeds (painting)

River and Reeds

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Gosh its turned SO cold today – we had snow and wind and allsorts….I thought it was supposed to be Spring! Anyway, I did this little decalcomania painting of a little stream running through some reeds out into the open river. I was thinking of my local river and how high it is with all the recent rain, and the treacherous waterfall that pounds over the rocks – I really must take a photo in the next couple of days, because it has swamped all the little islands that the ducks live on, and now they are all paddling furiously around trying to find food and dry land! (Having re-read that I realise how terribly British it is to complain about the weather. My last post was on that subject too –  I do apologise *ahem*)


Decalcomania 2017

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well 😀 I realised with a bit of a shock that today is practically the end of January already, and its been a week since I blogged. I want to share my first (of the year) Decalcomania with you. As regular readers will know, I have a bit of an obsession with this art form, and practice it fairly regularly as in here and here and oh, lets have this one too I also mess around with them to achieve weird effects like this.

But these are two I did this week


This looks a bit like water tumbling around the bottom of a cliff face, don’t you think? or maybe a little riverbank and some (blotchy) leaves are being blown into the stream.


And these could be steps….maybe leading up to the cliff? Or steps carved out from a mountain.

Either way, I adore the 3D effect of Decalcomania.



Bloomin’ Watercolours

Haha! I think that title was fairly amusing, since I played around with watercolour blobs this afternoon. Just splashing some water around, then dropping paint in so it blooms outwards. Leave to dry (takes a while), then draw what you see. Or make it up….like this blue Llama type thing

blue thing

Then we have the dogs  – first the “Ohhhhh I have no biscuits!”

green dog

Then we have the “Did someone say Biscuits????”

pink dog

And finally we have the Hippy Guy, who just wants everyone to chill




Back with a Bang (and a bubbe)

*Bustles in backwards through the door, carrying coffee and cake, and sits down*

*waves to everyone* Hello! 4 days away and look at the things that have happened! (Been very unwell – I’ll spare you the details. Have some cake 🙂 )

Yeah – Make it Through Monday didn’t quite make it through then, eh? ha! I’ll catch up tomorrow *hands over sick note*

I’ll also catch up on emails, comments, and suchlike. I love you all!

Thanks for bearing with me – I’m not a slacker, although I do feel terribly guilty at being away from here. But its Scotland, and the weird weather does all sorts of strange things to ones immune system.

Have a bubble, why don’t you. It goes well with cake.





Bubbles Baaaaabyyyy!!

I know, I know…bubbles, sheesh! Who knew they could be so interesting?! I do go outside, you know, oh yes, I have a Real Life, that keeps me fairly busy – I’m really not such a bubblehead 😀 I just had an amusing thought though – I’m currently applying for a different job, and imagined a scenario whereby I had to go for an interview, and they ask my what I enjoy doing in my spare time…..what do I say? That I like photographing bubbles??!!

Anyway, here’s one I did this morning….I had the audacity to name it as well. behold the Purple Jewel *ahem* (Pretentious, much? Haha!)

Purple jewel


Bubbles (again)


Good morning! Some improvement in my Macro photography this morning. This is an oil and soap liquid solution, which makes the bubbles thicker and more shapely, in my opinion. The soap gives off the beautiful colours, and also keeps them formed longer instead of popping. Next thing I need to learn is how to stop the mass of tiny bubbles around it. I just want nice fat bubbles. Not too much to ask for is it? lol