Blogging 101

Rambling bits and bobs.

So hello! How are you all? I’m having a really good day today – one of those “high energy” days when the sun shines, you fling open the windows thinking its going to be a fabulous day.

My dog has other ideas though……


She is a bit of a lazy bones when its warm. In fact she doesn’t like going out when its wet either, so…..its hard work being a dog.

I haven’t been doing much creating of late……trying to get the Room of Doom straightened out and decluttered for college has taken up most of my time. Being ruthless with “my stuff” is a terrible ordeal. Its something that requires a constant stream of “Do I need this? Will it come in useful? Why haven’t I used it then”? questions. I have already dispatched 14 wallpaper sample books to the recycling (which gets picked up tomorrow – and no I won’t be fetching them back beforehand – although I did think about it)

I have been watching some minimalist videos on YouTube and feeling all inspired. So I tackled a room and decorated it in a neutral palette…..

vintage room

This does have a vintage filter on it, but basically its all browns and creams. I had a mad idea to use up some samples in a patchwork design on one wall……and I don’t like it now. In fact I’m not sure I like the room (its a tiny bedroom that was my daughters)Do you see the button lamp I glued up from ages ago? And that Bureau was a gift from hubby about 7 years ago – I adore bureaus.

Only have a couple of weeks to go before college starts. They want a photo of me for my college card, and no matter how many times I send one to them, it gets rejected for one reason or another! I’m no good at selfies, haha!

So I hope you are all well. Bye for now 🙂

Blogging 101

An Incredibly bad poem about toothpaste!

blue toothpaste

A tiny blue blob landed in my sink
He gave me a nod and gave me a wink
Said “hey there girl, I see you’re kinda blue
What can I possibly do for you?”

I looked at him in utter surprise
He stared right back, big wide eyes
I said “what on earth are you, some kinda fish?”
He said “no, sweet lady I’m a Blue Wish”

I said “Ah, right, now I understand”
So I thought of things that I had planned
I said “make me famous, make me rich”
He replied by giving a nervous twitch

“Can’t do that, its too much work”
He stared at me with an evil smirk
“You had one chance, now its a waste
All I am now is blue toothpaste……”